Video Distribution Units (VDU)

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Video Distribution Unit - Large
Video Distribution Unit - Large
Video Distribution Unit - Large Video Distribution Unit - Medium Video Distribution Unit - Small VDU I/O Panel VDU with Wireless PA System SOI Utilizes JITC Certified Components
Model No: See datasheet for full list of part numbers and specifications.
Description: Audio/Visual management switchers for mobile operations.
Weight: 185 - 285 lbs.
Dimensions Packed: Up to 36.0 x 26.75 x 37.5 in.
Power: 120 and/or 240 VAC
Video: HDMI, VGA, DVI and Twisted Pair options.
Integrated Components: Multi-image processors/Quadview.

Video Distribution Units (VDU) serve as the audio and visual (A/V) hub of Mobile Command Centers, Tactical Operations Centers, fixed and semi-fixed facilities. VDUs accept incoming A/V from sources such as PC applications, surveillance feeds, network broadcasts, DVD/Blu-ray players and Video Teleconferencing (VTC) equipment then process them to be displayed on larger, projection and TV-based display systems.

VDUs are offered in various sizes to accommodate any sized mobile shelter. Video processing options allow up to four images to be shown through a single display.

SOI VDU electronics are mounted inside rugged, shock mitigating cases that also protect valuable electronics during transit and storage. VDUs are ideal companions to our Tactical Framesets.