Mobile Command Stations

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MCS322 MCS322 Stowed MCS322 I/O Panel MCS426-F MCS426 Half Stowed MCS I/O Panel
Model No: See datasheet for full list of part numbers and specifications.
Description: Rapid setup/strike workstations for mobile operations. Integrated power, switched data networks and video distribution standard.
Weight: 200 - 325 lbs.
Dimensions Packed: Varies.
Dimensions Setup: See datasheet for specifications.
Screen Size: See datasheet for specifications.
Number of Displays: 2 - 4
Total Size of Display: 22 - 26 in.
Display Specifications: 1080p HD
Power: 120 VAC
Data: Multiple switched data networks

SOI’s Mobile Command Station (MCS) is a 2 – 4 operator, mobile Command and Control workstation housed in a single, ruggedized tactical case. In keeping with SOI’s line of deployable C2 equipment the MCS can be setup and operational in minutes.

Similar to our Tactical Tables the MCS is prewired with power, multiple data networks and video distribution. The MCS is an ideal platform for Battle Command software and surveillance applications. The MCS is easily configurable to meet a wide variety of requirements.