Blended Display Framesets

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Megawall 713MWD
Megawall 713MWD
Megawall 713MWD Megawall TOC Megawall Multi-image Display Megawall Multi-image Display
Model No: See datasheet for full list of part numbers and specifications.
Description: Edge-blend display system featuring the brightest, richest images and video.
Weight: 600 - 775 lbs.
Dimensions Packed: 3 - 4 cases, 64.0 x 18.0 x 33.0 in. ea.
Dimensions Setup: See datasheet for full list of specifications.
Screen Size: 8.0 - 16.0 ft. wide x 3.0 - 5.3 ft. high
Power: 120 VAC

Megawalls are projection-based, edge blended display systems featuring the highest resolution and brightest display for mobile and semi-fixed operations. The primary difference between SOI Megawalls and our Tactical Framesets is that edge blend projection enables image/video windows to be place anywhere on the screen.

Megawalls are most effectively utilized when displaying multiple image windows, all of which can be moved and scaled to provide a video-rich Command and Control display picture.

Megawall display systems are designed to be utilized in mobile operations, such as Tactical Operations Centers (TOC).