TV-Based Framesets

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T8460 Tactical Frameset
T8460 Tactical Frameset
T8460 Tactical Frameset T8460 C2 Wall T5346 Tactical Frameset
Model No: See datasheet for full list of part numbers and specifications.
Description: Rugged, rapid setup/strike Tactical Frameset.
Weight: See datasheet for specifications.
Dimensions Packed: See datasheet for specifications.
Dimensions Setup: See datasheet for specifications.
Diagonal: 46" - 70"
Number of Displays: 2 - 5
Display Specifications: 1080p HD
Power: 120 VAC

SOI Tactical Framesets setup quickly and feature multiple HD TVs or monitors, ideal for displaying Battle Command applications. TV-based display systems provide an ultra bright platform for all TOC lighting conditions.

TV-based displays are not only utilized in Mobile Command Centers and Tactical Operations Centers but also semi-fixed facilities. With squared and angled corners they’re also designed to fit in various types of shelter systems.

Enhance the utility of large display systems with SOI VDUs. VDUs manage multiple video and audio input sources that are output to your mobile displays units. VDUs also offer video processing allowing multiple images to be shown on a single display.