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1SD 72 in. Display
1SD 72 in. Display
1SD 72 in. Display 1SD C2 Wall 1SD Rugged Case 1SD Cases Option
Model No: See Datasheet for full list of Part Numbers and specifications.
Description: Rugged, rapid setup/strike C2 display system.
Weight: 142 - 180 lbs. (case dependent)
Dimensions Packed: See Datasheet for model options.
Dimensions Setup: -
Screen Size: 4.0 x 3.0 ft. - 4.0 - 5.0 ft. (standard)
Diagonal: test
Number of Displays: 1
Power: 120 VAC

The 1SD is based upon the combat proven family of Rapid Tactical Operation Center (RTOC) systems and provides eyes-on Command and Control  access to  mission critical data. The 1SD is ideal for displaying C4ISR computer applications, surveillance feeds, UAV ops and mission planning. Deploy  as a single unit or place multiple systems side-by-side  to create a larger C2 picture.

By providing a near limitless upgrade platform  for projectors and screen sizes, this durable display system is designed to continuously accommodate the latest in projection technologies.